11 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas That Hide Toilet Paper In Style

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Toilet paper is an undeniable household necessity. Even so, it's used for not-so-glamorous tasks, so many people prefer to tuck it out of sight and out of mind. The catch is that toilet paper is an essential, so you must store it in a place that is easily accessible, despite being hidden. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tuck away toilet paper without creating an eyesore in your bathroom's interior design.

Below are some of our favorite inconspicuous storage ideas for extra toilet paper rolls. These ideas include repurposed furniture and household tools, self-made storage containers, and other handmade projects involving craft materials. Most tools and supplies needed to create toilet paper storage are found at popular retailers and online websites, and they're easily accessible and budget-friendly for the average household. Both renters and homeowners can benefit from these ideas, since many of them are not permanent alterations in your home. They also befit various interior bathroom styles, including bohemian, classic, coastal, contemporary, modern, and rustic setups.

Attach a paper towel holder inside a bathroom cabinet

People with limited counter space, cabinet shelving, and overall bathroom storage should consider this simple but brilliant paper towel wall mount. Using adhesive or screws, attach this metal contraption to the inside of your cabinet doors or on unused wall space in a closet or corner. Install it facing upward so at least two toilet paper rolls can be stacked per bar. If there's enough vertical space, install an expandable version that holds up to three rolls per bar.

Roll toilet paper in colorful fabrics that suit the bathroom's theme

When there's nowhere to completely hide toilet paper, enclose it in paper or fabric in plain sight. Napkins are the perfect size for this trick, and you can use basic sets from At Home, Target, Walmart, or other popular retailers. Lay the napkin flat on your floor or a table with the toilet paper roll positioned sideways in the middle. Roll up diagonally from one corner, and tuck the ends into the center of the toilet paper roll. Once all rolls are cradled in fabric, stack them in any spare bathroom space.

Pile toilet paper rolls in a basket on a top shelf

A basket is a great place to hide bathroom essentials in many interior design styles. Buy a medium to large-sized wicker basket with enough space for at least three toilet paper rolls. Each toilet paper roll needs about 56.5 inches of cubic space, so multiply this number by the number of rolls you have. The resulting number is how much cubic space the basket needs to have. Once all your toilet paper rolls are lined up and stacked in the basket, place it on top of a storage unit or closet shelf.

Put a wicker desk organizer on the back of your toilet

The shabby chic look of wicker decor befits many bathroom interior styles, making it easy to incorporate into most home designs. This woven desk organizer has three compartments with the perfect dimensions for holding toilet paper rolls. Slide one into each slot, hiding it from view and keeping it easily accessible in your time of need. The best spot to put the organizer is on the back of your toilet, so emergency replacements are always within reach. However, you can place it on any open bathroom surface as you see fit.

Line up rolls in an over-the-door closet organizer

Over-the-door closet hangers usually hold shoes, accessories, and other wearables. This six-shelf hanger has wide pockets with inserts that carry various bathroom items, including toilet paper rolls. Five of the six shelves are wide and spacious enough to store multiple rolls. Simply drape the organizer over the back of your bathroom or closet door and pile the extra rolls and any other bathroom goods inside. Amazon also sells a large over-the-door organizer that is explicitly made for carrying up to 10 toilet paper rolls (if you prefer a more niche product).

Hot glue wooden decorative signs into a seasonal storage case

Next time you stop by the local dollar store, check out the crafts section for three boards and two squares. After the holidays, you can also find discounted themed signs around the same size. Remove any hanging or decorative pieces from the boards, and hot glue the sides together as instructed in this video. Once you create your open box-shaped storage, use acrylic paints to color the receptacle. If you repurposed clearance holiday signs, it may take multiple coats, as compared to plain wood boards.

Use foam sheets and contact paper to make a cylinder storage tube

Use two foam boardsmarble self-adhesive liner, and duct tape from Dollar Tree to make a classy holder befitting a natural stone aesthetic. Roll one foam board in a cylinder shape, using duct tape to secure the shape in place. Take the other foam board and trace the shape of the cylinder's end. Use a box cutter to slice a cap and bottom for your new creation. Wrap the outside of all three foam pieces in marble liner, and your DIY toilet paper holder is ready for use.

Create a tin can tower to hide toilet paper rolls inside

Start collecting your leftover #10 tin food cans — they're perfect for holding toilet paper rolls. You can also deliberately order them from House of Cans. Use a can opener to take the bottoms off of all but one, and superglue them as described in this YouTube tutorial. Finish up by wrapping the metal tower in embellishments. Michaels and other craft stores carry coarse or metallic spray paint, wrapping paper, and Mod Podge, which you may find useful.

Put a flip-down shoe rack next to your toilet

Shoe racks are meant for footwear, but their compact shelving is useful for other frontiers. Order a flip-down shoe rack from Amazon, IKEA, or other furniture retailers. Slide this narrow storage unit beside your toilet or against another empty wall in your bathroom. Instead of filling the pull-down drawers with sneakers and sandals, line up the paper rolls. You should be able to fit multiple rolls per row, and the only DIY required is assembling the shelf itself.

Sew a hanging toilet paper holder

This DIY toilet paper holder turns your unsightly bathroom essentials into a decorative fabric hanger. It takes sewing knowledge to complete this project — avid crocheters and knitters can follow this sewing pattern, while those with a sewing machine can follow this YouTube tutorial. You'll need at least two pieces of fabric about 36 inches long by 6.5 inches wide. Hang the completed design with thread or extra fabric from your toilet paper dispenser, wall hooks, or other hanging wall pieces.

Install a hidden wall cabinet that blends with paneling

Homeowners with paneled bathroom walls can use this classic style to their advantage by installing a secret compartment next to their toilet. Unless you're an experienced DIYer, you may need to hire a professional for this task. Start by constructing the shelf itself, then carve out the wall accordingly. Keep in mind that you should only pursue this project if you own your home or have written permission from a landlord. Most rentals won't permit this construction since it permanently and physically alters the walls. For a more thorough and detailed explanation, visit this YouTube tutorial.