Fixer Upper Homes You Can Rent On Airbnb And VRBO

Chip and Joanna Gaines are some of the most iconic and popular people in home renovation and design. According to Insider, the couple got their start after being recognized by HGTV for flipping houses, leading to their hit show "Fixer Upper." Since then, there have been five seasons of the show. From epic renovations to mind-blowing restorations, "Fixer Upper" has featured some incredible properties that have undergone the most amazing transformations.

That being said, who wouldn't want the chance to stay in one of these epic homes? Thanks to VRBO and Airbnb, you can! Both rental companies have several "Fixer Upper" homes listed and available for rent, allowing you to actually stay in one of the properties the talented Chip and Joanna have touched. Without further ado, if you're looking to plan a trip to Waco, Texas, here are 13 "Fixer Upper" homes that you can rent on Airbnb and VRBO.

This ranch-style Chicken House

The rustic Chicken House is one of the iconic homes featured on the show "Fixer Upper." According to Airbnb, this three-bedroom home can accommodate up to seven guests, making it a great option for a larger group traveling to Chip and Joanna's hometown of Waco, Texas. The primary bedroom has a queen bed, and the second bedroom has a double, but there is also a plush sofa bed in the living room for additional guests.

The light wooden exterior is complemented by a pop of color thanks to the teal door, and the kitchen's green cabinets really pull together this home's cohesiveness. From the potted plant wall in the kitchen to the bright and airy primary bedroom, the Chicken House has undergone some major style renovations that took it from an outdated and somewhat stuffy space to a vibrant and chic farmhouse-inspired oasis.

This classic mansion

Are you looking to stay within walking distance of downtown Waco? According to VRBO, this rental has five spacious bedrooms and five bathrooms, and as many as 12 travelers are able to stay here together. The massive mansion has more than 3,000 square feet of space, and there is a huge yard for kids to run around and take in the Texas sunsets. This rental definitely has a more rustic and rugged aesthetic, from the exposed wood beams across the ceiling to the leather couches in the living room.

The massive front deck is a great place to enjoy a slow morning with coffee and a good book. You can also hang out here in the evenings for a nightcap as you soak in the peaceful and quiet sounds of Waco. For the ultimate level of relaxation, be sure to take a warm bath upstairs before heading up to the converted attic to get cozy in bed.

The Bachelor Pad home from Season 3

Per the listing on VRBO, The Bachelor Pad was featured on Season 3 of "Fixer Upper," and this 3,100 square-feet home can accommodate up to 10 travelers across four bedrooms. The interior is a blend of rustic and industrial, featuring a lot of warm wooden accents and neutral colors like beige and gray. The open space connects the kitchen to the living room, ensuring that you can be cooking a meal while mingling with others who are sitting and getting cozy by the fire.

If you're a coffee fan, you'll love the cute coffee bar where you can get your caffeine fix each morning. In the backyard, guests will find an actual volleyball court where they can enjoy a game and let off some steam. There is also a basketball hoop for those looking to play some ball under the Texas sun before settling in at the rocking chairs out front with a glass of wine.

This mid-century modern home

This mid-century home from "Fixer Upper" Season 2 is an absolute stunner. Design-lovers who appreciate '70s architecture will fall head-over-heels for this house and the wooded neighborhood where it is located. According to VRBO, this four-bedroom home can accommodate up to 12 travelers across seven beds, ensuring that larger groups have plenty of room to spread out and live in luxury. The floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto the stunning greenery, and the house gets a solid amount of light in all of the rooms.

When it comes to decor, most of the furniture and accessories have a retro vibe that fits in perfectly with the mid-century architecture. In addition to the massive dining table inside, there is also a smaller table on the patio so you can eat under the stars or enjoy breakfast with a breath of fresh air. If you are traveling with a baby, there is even a nursery to make traveling that much easier.

The famous Shotgun House

Between its teal exterior and narrow architecture, The Shotgun House from "Fixer Upper" is a one-of-a-kind rental in Waco, Texas. Per the Airbnb listing, only one bedroom is in The Shotgun House, meaning only two people can stay here at a time. That being said, there is plenty of room for two travelers to get comfy and hang out. The interior is very bright and inviting, featuring bohemian accents and simple decor. The primary bedroom has a pop of color thanks to the blue walls, which almost perfectly match the home's exterior.

The kitchen has top-notch pans, equipment, and appliances so you can make tasty meals from the comfort of the Airbnb. Though there are bar stools at the counter in the kitchen, you can also enjoy your meals outside in the backyard while sitting around the fire pit. Admire the Airstream in the backyard while sitting under the stars with a glass of wine, or get cozy with a movie night inside.

The cozy Brick House

If you are looking for something a bit more elegant and traditional, the Brick House might be the perfect "Fixer Upper" place for you. According to the listing on Airbnb, guests enter the home through a sleek and modern black door before walking into the bright, airy living room, which features white brick walls. Though most of the kitchen is white, the rustic, red brick wall adds a unique and somewhat vintage touch. Make tasty meals at home before setting the large dining table and soaking up the stylish setting.

With three bedrooms and four beds, the Brick House is pretty spacious and can accommodate up to eight guests at a time. Each room is very simple, sophisticated, and clean, and the large backyard is great for catching a breath of fresh air or doing some yoga on the bright green lawn. Also, if you're visiting Waco hoping to see the famous Magnolia Silos, they are only a short drive away from the Brick House.

The Three Little Pigs house

Per VRBO, The Three Little Pigs house is very homey, cozy, and classic. Between the four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, eight guests can call this house home for a trip to Waco. From the dark hardwood floors to the vintage brick column in the kitchen, The Three Little Pigs house has various design elements that make it seem like it would appear in a fairytale. That being said, things like the hanging light fixtures and updated hardware place a modern twist on the more traditional space.

Enjoy a hot bubble bath at the end of the day, light a fire in the living room, and unwind with a glass of wine in hand. When it comes to getting outside, the front deck is a great place to start the day with a cup of coffee or tea as you listen to the birds and take in the pristine landscaping around the house.

The Morrow House from Season 5

From the white fence to the white exterior, the Morrow House from Season 5 of "Fixer Upper" is straight out of a dream. According to the listing on VRBO, this three-bedroom home has more than 1,700 square feet of space, and a maximum of eight guests can sleep here at a time. Though it wasn't technically renovated by Chip and Joanna, it was an option and was featured on the show. That being said, it is just as stunning as one of the Gaines renovations, and the airy and bright interior is very reminiscent of their signature style.

The sheer white curtains ensure that tons of light can filter through into the space, and the classic chandelier in the living room adds a bit of glamor to the otherwise farmhouse-inspired style. The primary bathroom has everything you need to live in luxury, including a clawfoot bathtub where you can soak all of your troubles away.

The stunning German Schmear House

Keep things contemporary and modern at the chic German Schmear House. Per the Airbnb listing, this four-bedroom home is located on a quiet street in Waco, making it a great spot for those seeking a peaceful and serene retreat in Texas. With four plush beds in the entire home, eight guests can easily spread out and get comfy at the German Schmear House. The kitchen is one of the most stunning rooms in the house, thanks to the white tiled backsplash and the earthy tones.

In addition to the formal dining table, the kitchen counter is lined with a row of bar stools, ensuring that you can gather over good food and mingle with friends in various places. There is even an old-school piano that enhances the overall ambiance. Everything from the lamps to the antique artworks works together to create an elevated and elegant space in the heart of Waco.

The signature Bardominium

Are you looking to stay somewhere rustic yet stylish? The Barndominium from "Fixer Upper" is the ultimate take on a chic farmhouse rental. According to the listing on Airbnb, this five-bedroom home can house up to a whopping 16 guests, ensuring that larger groups and families can enjoy a comfortable stay here with ease. Though there are only five bedrooms, there are 10 beds in the house, featuring everything from bunk beds to queens.

The interior is very monochromatic, featuring a lot of white with darker accents. The black and white kitchen creates a cohesive blend throughout the entire home, from the living room to the dining room. From the outside, the house looks like a literal barn, and the outdoor deck is the perfect place for grilling out and getting cozy around the gas fire pit. There are even outdoor heaters in case you visit during a colder season.

Chip and Joanna's Hilcrest Cottage

Though this home wasn't technically renovated on "Fixer Upper," Magnolia's Hillcrest Cottage is owned by none other than Chip and Joanna Gaines themselves. Per Airbnb, this charming cottage features the Gaines signature farmhouse style with lots of light colors, exposed beams, and wooden accents. The sitting area near the kitchen and dining room features a beautiful white brick fireplace that invites you to relax and unwind after a long day exploring the nearby Magnolia Silos and shopping center.

Enjoy meals at the sleek, dark dining table or watch a movie in the living room while you soak in your luxurious surroundings. When it comes to catching a breath of fresh air, the covered outdoor seating area features two plush chairs where you can sit and chat over a glass of wine. The patio is also the perfect place to start the day with a piping hot cup of coffee.

The unique Giraffe House

According to the Airbnb listing, The Giraffe House in Waco is a very distinct and recognizable house from "Fixer Upper." The stone and stucco exterior contrast nicely with each other to create a stunning and enticing style that draws you in as soon as you see it. Since there are three spacious bedrooms and four beds in the house, seven guests are able to stay here at a time comfortably.

The Giraffe House is also only a mere few minutes away from Downtown Waco, ensuring that you can explore Chip and Joanna's hometown. Compared to the rest of the homes renovated on "Fixer Upper," The Giraffe House has a slightly darker interior, giving it a more masculine and modern vibe. The wooden table and accents throughout the dining room are stunning, and almost transportive due to their vintage and rustic appeal. The backyard has everything from a garden to a kid's play area so that you have plenty to enjoy during your stay.

The blue Little House on the Prairie home

The Little House on the Prairie is a "Fixer Upper" favorite that has a western charm and a rustic appeal. Per Airbnb, the house can be recognized by its blue wooden exterior and warm columns. Though there are only three bedrooms in the house, there are five beds, allowing up to eight guests to stay here at a time. This farm-style home has original wood floors, ceilings, and an old-school fireplace that sets the scene for a cozy weekend away.

The clawfoot tub in the bathroom is a great place to unwind and relax in a hot bubble bath, and the French doors in the primary bedroom open up to let in a ton of light and lead to a stunning balcony. The outdoor deck is complete with cushioned couches and a dining table, allowing you to spend time outdoors and catch a breath of fresh air.