Why Ace Hardware Is The Best Place To Buy These Home Goods

Ace Hardware is a leader in hardware retail, according to QuerySprout. In fact, this corporation is the largest hardware retail franchise in the world, with over 5,000 stores worldwide. With stores in 60 countries and all across the U.S., Ace Hardware is truly at the top of its game, offering customers top-quality customer service and so many different options for tools, hardware, and DIY projects.

Though its stores are smaller compared to bigger brands such as Lowe's and Home Depot, this circumstance allows Ace to focus more on specialty and hard-to-find items, as well as having employees trained in offering specialized services and quality personalized assistance to its customers. Upon entering the store, it can be quite overwhelming from a shopper's perspective. However, knowing what you're looking for before making a trip to your local store can help. Here are some of the most popular buys from Ace Hardware stores.

Ace Hardware has specialty fasteners for those special projects

While Ace Hardware may not have the stock available that bigger brands have, it does have specialty fasteners and hardware that is harder to find in big-named stores. This specialty hardware, and often hard-to-find items, can help someone with a DIY project or someone with specific hardware in mind for their renovation plans.

According to The Engineers Post, there are several different types of fasteners. These include temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. No matter what you're looking for in terms of specialty hardware, you will likely find it at your local Ace Hardware store. It has an assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, studs, rivets, anchors, inserts, and more, and if you're unsure of what exactly you need for your project, the employees can assist (via Sandusky Register). They are trained in identifying and finding specialty pieces. Just tell them about your project or describe the item you're after and they'll be able to help you in making the right choice.

Tool rentals makes finding the perfect tool easy

If you're in the market for tools for your next DIY project or if you have something that needs a little TLC around your home, consider renting the tools instead of buying them. There are a ton of advantages to renting over purchasing, including saving space and money, and being able to try out the equipment before making the commitment to make such a big purchase.

Of course, since Ace Hardware stores are independently owned or franchised, all Ace Hardware stores are different and will offer different rentals and rental policies. Because of that, you should check with your local Ace to find out exactly what they offer. However, according to First Quarter Finance, several Ace Hardware stores offer a wide selection of rentals. These include rentals of basic tools, power tools, and even heavy equipment, with most rental times varying anywhere from four hours to one week. The most common rentals include tools such as demolition hammers, drills, chainsaws, saws, and more. Some even have specialty items like popcorn machines!

A great selection of outdoor grills perfect for summer

Ace Hardware has a great selection of grills for people looking to purchase one for the first time or upgrade the one they already have. You can browse its website or head into your local store to see its selection of gas, charcoal, pellet, and electric grills. The brand takes grilling so seriously that it has an Ace National Spokesperson and BBQ Expert, Chef Jason Morse, as per NewsDirect. Prior to joining Ace, Morse was featured on the Food Network, was a morning show chef on a Denver radio station, and published a host of cooking books. 

His role is to help shoppers understand the different types of grills available, weigh which ones are best for their needs, and share grilling recipes for all home chefs. Having a BBQ Expert on call is akin to how Ace Hardware has knowledgeable associates working in its stores. It ensures that an expert answers your questions.

Bargain bin specials

Many stores offer bargain and clearance items, and Ace Hardware is no different. If you're on a budget but have a DIY or renovation project you want to do, you might find the tool you're looking for to tackle your project in its bargain bins. Even if you're not working on a project at the moment, it doesn't hurt to have some extra tools on hand.

These bargain finds can also be great as small gifts or just to preserve your better tools when you don't want to ruin them or get them dirty from smaller projects. Some of the most common items you can find in these bins include tape measures and voltage testers.

If you're looking for more than just small tools from the bargain bin, Ace also offers a great selection of monthly deals. You can find deals on grills, shop vacs, pressure washers, gardening tools, lawn mowers, and more right from the Ace Hardware website.

Tend to your lawn with Ace's assortment of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are another great buy from Ace Hardware. It has many different brands, including EGO, Toro, and Craftsman. The store also offers mowers powered by battery or gas, and riding lawn mowers for those who have bigger lawns to take care of. Plus, if your lawn mower needs some TLC, Ace has plenty of parts, accessories, and blades that you can use to repair or upgrade your mower.

Aside from its selection, the employees at Ace are ready and willing to help you choose the best one for your lawn maintenance needs. Whether you have a small yard, a big yard, a hilly yard, a curvy yard, or one with banks, Ace's employees will help you find the correct mower for the job. For example, while each Ace is different, Sandusky Register reported that its town's local store has employees that wear earpieces, so if one associate doesn't know the answer, they could work as a team to provide you with the relevent info.

No time? No problem! Try Ace's specialty services for repairs, assembly, and more

For those who don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to tackle certain projects themselves, Ace Hardware has a great selection of store services. Whether you need something assembled, a new key for your house or car made up, or glass or screen repairs, the people at Ace Hardware can help. According to Forbes, the reason for the success of Ace Hardware stores is that they are independently owned by entrepreneurs who understand their local market, have an inventory fine-tuned to the neighborhood's demographic, and focus on personalized customer service.

And when it comes to its services, individual stores hire qualified contractors they themselves vet. Since Ace Hardware stores are franchised, it is up to them to hire outsourced employees to offer such services. Outsourcing these services isn't a bad thing, though, as it allows the stores to cater to a wider customer base and hire trusted professionals from their own communities.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Ace's YETI collection

Most people who love the outdoors can attest to the quality of YETI products. You can shop for these products at Ace Hardware either online or in-store, but the online catalog makes it easy to find precisely what you're looking for. Either way, you will be able to grab coolers, drinkware, accessories, and more from your local Ace.

YETI coolers are one of its trademark products, and they are seen as a symbol of status. They're expensive, ranging from $200 to $1,300, and are high-tech. Plus, YETI's marketing campaign has been highly effective, causing sales to surge among hunters, campers, and anyone who enjoys life outdoors. Vice notes that some of YETI's most popular products include the Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, the Yeti Tank 45 Ice Bucket, the Hopper M30 Soft Cooler, the Rambler 26 OZ Stackable Cup, and the Rambler One Gallon Jug.

Grab a wet/dry shop vac for your renovation or DIY project

Shop vacs are a nice tool when you want a vacuum that functions as a wet and dry vacuum. They come in smaller and bigger sizes, catering to a wide audience who may want to use one for their small DIY projects or a larger renovation. While Ace Hardware carries them like most other hardware stores, you might be able to find a deal at the store if you're patient. According to 9to5Toys, at one point, a 20-gallon Craftsman wet/dry shop vac was less than $40.

Shop vacs are a great asset to have whether you're working in construction or have your own woodworking shop. They're great at heavy-duty cleaning, including sucking up metal pieces, nails, sawdust, screws, chunks of wood, and other small objects from projects. Plus, they make great resources for home cleaning, too, if you have a big mess to clean up in your garage or basement.

Ace's house brand offers quality merchandise

Ace Hardware's slogan is "The Helpful Place," so it only makes sense it has a line of quality private-label brands such as Ace Brand, Living Accents, and OakBrook Collection to help meet its customers' needs. According to Ace Hardware's newsroom, these private label brands drive a significant portion of revenue for Ace. Due to the popularity of these brands, it has been committed to providing an overhaul of packaging updates to refresh the look and shopability of its merchandise. This includes adding helpful bullet points to its packages, making it multi-lingual, making it easier to comparison shop, and helping amateur DIYers by color-coding parts that go together (via Packaging Strategies).

From these exclusive Ace Hardware brand-name items, you'll be able to find anything you need, from patio furniture to indoor accessories like shower heads and kitchen faucets. It offers its shoppers more options.

Blow your worries away with an assortment of fans

Fans are nice to have around. They can help keep your home cool in the summer, quickly dry things like floors that have just been washed, or act as some white noise for those who need it. Like many other products, Ace Hardware has a large selection of fans from various brands such as Lasko, Kool-Flo, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Honeywell, and more, and its fans range from ceiling fans to boxed fans and oscillating fans.

Plus, if you're considering purchasing a ceiling fan or a fan that needs some sort of installation, Ace Hardware has you covered in that regard, too. It offers subcontracted handyman services, and its handymen are equipped to handle whatever tasks you throw at them. According to Ace Handyman Services, its multi-skilled workers are qualified to safely perform 1,162 household projects that are sure to knock out your to-do list.

Pressure washers are great for cleaning up outdoor areas

Pressure washers are a valuable asset for many homeowners. They can make cleaning up outdoor areas quick and easy. You can get both large and small models depending on your needs, and they're perfect for projects that include tidying up areas such as garages and driveways. The benefits of having a pressure washer don't end there. Window Genie notes the ease of using a pressure washer and how much time it can save you compared to elbow-grease cleaning.

Not just that, but pressure washing is good for the environment as there are no harsh chemicals involved, and they're great for protecting you from contaminants in dirt and mold as the pressure from these tools can easily blast them away. Ace Hardware has a comprehensive selection of power washers from electric, gas-powered, and battery-operated, and its employees are there to help you decide on which one will best suit your needs.

Ace's lumber selection is great for DIYers

DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of lumber offered at Ace Hardware. Whether you're looking to do some DIY projects or if you want to renovate parts of your home, having a good selection of lumber will come in handy. As Houseful of Handmade notes, getting started with woodworking can be overwhelming since there's a lot you won't know. But that's okay — it's a learning process and once you grasp the basic concepts, woodworking will be a breeze.

When it comes to purchasing lumber for your next project, you'll need to keep in mind a few important factors. For example, the actual size of the board you see in store will be different than the size that is noted. You'll also want to be aware of the types of lumbar you can choose from, such as plywood, hardwood, pine, and others. Not to worry — Ace employees are there to assist you in finding the best lumber for your specific needs and projects, making the otherwise tedious task a simple and straightforward process.

Ace's employees will help match your wood stains

Ace Hardware offers a decent selection of wood stains for your next DIY or renovation project. Choosing the best wood stain for your project may seem difficult as there are various aspects to consider, but it doesn't have to be. For example, Lifehacker mentions that different stains will react differently to varying types of wood, so you should check the type of wood you have and the stains available before making a decision. Examine your stain color using different kinds of lighting, too, as lighting can also change the appearance of stains.

Still not sure what you're looking for? Not to fret — Ace offers assistance in finding the best wood stain for your specific needs. Plus, if you bring in a sample with an existing stain and wood type, Ace Hardware can also help you match that since it has hired experts to do just that (via Bibens Ace Hardware).

Stay warm this winter with Ace's assortment of heaters

For those looking into buying a new heater to fit their space, Ace Hardware can help. It has space heaters, infrared heaters, electric heaters, gas-powered heaters, and heaters that will fit everywhere from a shop space, a baseboard, and a patio.

As noted by HomeServe, lacking a central furnace in your home may cause you to notice that certain rooms become colder than others. These rooms often include the basement, attic, and garage, as well as poorly-insulated rooms such as additions like three-season rooms. It's important to be able to heat these spaces, and knowing which heater will provide the most heat to your otherwise cold room will prove beneficial when purchasing such a heater.

If you're unsure what kind you're looking for, an Ace employee can help explain the pros and cons of the models. And if you're unsure how to install your new heater, its Handyman services will help.