Classy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Stripes

Are you looking to incorporate patterns in the home? Start by decorating with stripes. Stripes don't need to be boring or plain. They are available in all the colors of the rainbow. In a particular room, stripes can act like the focal point and redirect the direction of the eyes, per Martine Claessens. Vertical painted stripes on a wall make a room seem elongated, while horizontal stripes tend to make rooms look wide.

Want to use stripes in a home bathroom? Decide on a color palette and stay within that range. Buy striped towels or find shower curtains that fit into the aesthetic. Want to decorate a kid's bedroom with stripes? Be playful by finding bedding with bright stripes. Don't forget to add accent pillows and throw rugs as well. Adding stripes to home decor isn't a complicated task. Here are some classy ways to bring these elements into your home.

Incorporate outdoor rugs and decor

An effortless way to spruce up a home's front entrance is to buy welcome mats, per Windermere Real Estate. Not all statement doormats have generic sayings. You can personalize mats with messages like "at the lake" or "come in." Be unique by purchasing welcome mats in different shapes and sizes. Welcome mats can be round, triangular, or even shaped like stars. For those who like simplicity, stay with stripes in neutral tones such as beige, tan, and brown. Play with plaid striped patterned welcome mats for extra zing.

Stripes can also be utilized on porches and patios (via Style By Emily Henderson). For example, you can place a striped cushion on a porch rocking chair. For patio furniture, throw pillows in multicolored striped lines that look pretty in greens, yellows, and oranges. Have planters arranged on patio tables? Look for stripe-painted ones at home decor stores or open-air art festivals, which will help local artists financially. Striped patio umbrellas also add flair to otherwise normal-looking patios.

Opt for striped planters

If you like being crafty, why not make your own striped planters with art supplies? According to Dimples and Tangles, paint and painter's tape are the main items needed to create fun planters. Grab a ruler and a measuring tape to ensure the lines are even. Think of a color scheme that'll work for the home's aesthetic. Favor cool tones? Paint the planters in shades of blue. Consider using shiny hues of cornflower and navy blue. For those who favor warm tones, use pink and orange to paint planters.

Instead of using paint to make stripes on planters, be creative with other crafting methods. Find colorful yarn or string at a hobby store. Measure out thin strips of assorted colors to cut and glue along ceramic or plastic planters to display an illusion of stripes. Find shiny, metallic, or smooth buttons and beads to complete the project to glue around the pots in even rows. This technique puts a unique spin on basic stripes.

Stripe your front hallway walls

Make a statement by painting the home's hallways with dazzling colors, per My Desired Home. Paint navy and white vertical stripes along the entryway walls around a mirror and place decorative chairs and ornate lamps on either side of the mirror. Navy and white horizontal stripes look exquisite with lined-up artwork tacked onto the wall. Add an antique piano beneath the art and keep antique knickknacks on top of the piano. Black and white stripe-painted walls are classic and pair well with black and white furniture. You can also establish a colorful scene by painting horizontal multicolored stripes along a hallway.

You can complete a DIY entryway wall painting project with stripes in a few simple steps (via A Cultivated Nest). Before painting the stripes, measure from the ceiling to the base molding to determine how many to make. Depending on your preference, you can paint an odd or even number of stripes. Use a level to ensure the painter's tape is applied evenly. Paint the walls white and yellow shades to add sunny appeal for the summer season.

Decorate with frames

Search for decorative striped frames at flea markets and online spaces for purchases. According to Celebrated Nest, these can work for everyday decor. Hang a colorfully striped frame on an entryway wall and place a small wreath inside to fit to scale. Another way to design with striped frames is to set one on a coffee table with a bouquet. Secure a striped frame to the ceiling to enclose a fancy chandelier light. You can also create a small gallery display of striped frames on the wall under a stairway.

Instead of buying striped frames, DIY your own with washi tape (via Bombshell Bling). You can find washi tape at most craft stores in many patterns, including fun stripes. Grab plastic or wooden frames, tape, scissors, and Mod Podge to complete the project. Cut strips of washi tape to go over the frame and cut any excess off the sides. Use Mod Podge as a sealant. Find a family photo, postcard, or painting to place inside the frame and hang it in a bedroom.

Embrace striped shelving

Create stripes on shelves by using ribbons in vibrant colors. According to In My Own Style, ribbons are available at fabric stores and any place that sells crafting materials. Take the ribbon and weave it through open spots of laundry room shelving. This tip adds a touch of prettiness without going overboard with stripes. Want to spice up plain pantry shelves? Tack strips of ribbon with nails on the siding of the pantry shelves. What about bookshelves? On the outer edges, use picture hanging strips as adhesive to paste striped ribbon on top. It may be easy to use rubber cement or white glue to brush over the ribbon to stay put.

Refurbish an old wooden bookshelf by painting it with colorful stripes (via My Homemade Stash). To make the surface of the bookshelf smoother, sand it down and wipe off any dust particles with a wet washcloth. Measure how big the stripes should be and use painter's tape to divide sections evenly. Once the measuring and taping are in place, paint the bookshelf the color of your choice.

Get creative with fireplaces and mantels

To incorporate stripes for fireplace and mantel designs, think about layering statement pieces of art, per Havenly Hideaway. Find some portraits that feature water-colored stripes or look for artwork in stripe-painted frames. You can place these on top of the mantel. Putting mirrors on top of a mantel is another way to utilize space. Mirrors with striped borders look stylish on top of a fireplace.

Another way to decorate around fireplaces is to install sconces on either side of the mantel. These sconces come with protective striped light coverings. You can find sconces at any design or home improvement store. Place small table lamps on top of the mantel and buy striped lamp shades to replace plain lampshades for the table lamps. If you enjoy watching television, install a TV above the mantel and frame it with striped plastic covering. Colorful striped steamers can go around the mantel to add spark. However, be careful with your placement to prevent the steamers from catching on fire.

Dress up coffee tables

Spruce up your coffee table style by integrating striped designs and fanciful arrangements. Two decorative trays on a coffee table add flourish, per Driven By Decor. Find striped glasses or plastic trays at your local home and cooking store. Want to add a hint of greenery? Add plastic or paper flowers to a striped vase and place it on the coffee table for long-lasting style. Wrap foiled tinsel and tie or tape off at the stem ends to create a shimmery, striped look. Favor writing in journals? Buy journals in striped or chevron-printed covers to place as centerpieces on the coffee table.

For those who enjoy vintage decor, buy an antique coffee table to create a stripe-designed project (My Passion For Decor). Before starting, sand down any rough edges or spots, then paint it white as a base coat to begin with a blank canvas. Use masking tape to mark how many stripes will go on the coffee table. Be distinctive with color by choosing paints that fit into the home's aesthetic. Boldly decorated homes look excellent with splashes of paint color on coffee tables. Neutral homes look best with shades of creams and ivories.

Don't forget about your kitchenware

Stripes look practical and classic in the kitchen. For the ultimate classy look, install granite or marbled countertops that feature striped elements within the minerals, per StoneGable. To avoid breaking the bank or committing to an extensive project, find striped placemats in woven, plastic, or cloth materials to put on top of the dining room table. Create a coffee station nook in one corner of the kitchen with a Keurig machine, striped mugs, and saucers.

You can also establish a cooking station with striped cookware. Alternatively, you can complete a DIY project by dip painting the handles of wooden spoons. Grab paint, brushes, and polyurethane to protect the paint. Pieces of sandpaper work to smooth out rough patches on the wooden spoons. Display these in a striped wood container. When creating gifts, stripe-painted wooden spoons are perfect for those who like to cook. Hole punch and tie a personal recipe around the spoon's stem for a sweet touch.

Paint stripes on your stairs

Painting your stair runners isn't a complicated task, per Jaime Costiglio. Start by removing carpet pads, staples, and nails from the stairs. For a smooth finish, sand the stairs down. Consider how the stripes look and how wide you want them to be. Draw a rough sketch of the stair-painted stripe design on a piece of paper or pad. After completing the sketch, replicate the design by making measurements with measuring tape or a ruler to draw lines with a pencil on the stair runner. Be sure to have an eraser on hand in case of mistakes. Fill in the lines with colorful paint from home design and craft stores. Once dry, spray a protectant over the newly painted runner to protect against scratches and dents.

Check out stair runners in assorted designs (via The Farmhouse Life). To stay with the striped aesthetic, look for modern coastal styles in white and blue striped stair runners. Coastal decor is chic and timeless. If you're intrigued by unique designs, think outside the box by finding geometric stair runners in vibrant colors. Another style tip is to look for bohemian-styled stair runners in designs with muted colors and earth tones.

Add some class to your shower tiles

Think of adding stripes into the bathroom. Start small by redesigning a half bathroom, per School of Decorating. Devise a beach design by painting thick sea foam green and white stripes in horizontal lines on the walls. You can paint horizontal stripes in bright shades like flamingo pink or lime green to incorporate an air of originality. Make sure to have proper paint supplies on hand, including drop cloths, rollers, paints, brushes, and a measuring tool.

Be adventurous with striped shower tile designs (via Centsational Style). Look for a professional shower designer to construct unique bathroom tile patterns. Hexagonal-lined mosaic styles are intricate and a fresh take on the typical tile. Go bold by having four assorted color blocks of stripes wrapped around tiled walls. Tiles in shades of green, blue, and pastel colors will liven up the bathroom space. Vertical and horizontal tile stripes in black and white are chic and look superb in most bathrooms. 

Include striped details in the bathroom

For those who want to start small with bathroom design, purchase striped towels, washcloths, or shower curtains. According to Mizu Towel, striped towels are a must-have staple for every bathroom. When buying towels, find soft, absorbent, and antibacterial ones to lessen the spread of germs. Check out striped towels and washcloths in shades of blush, mauve, and rose for a sweet and chic style. You can decorate with these colors to create an ombre effect that goes from light to dark. Alternatively, find towels in gold and evergreen for an earthy aesthetic. The bathroom doesn't have to focus solely on light colors or navy blue tones.

Play with curtain designs as well. Striped curtains look contemporary and clean, but the straight-lined dash and dot designs add a unique edge. Opt for plaid and checkerboard designs to step outside of regular stripe patterns, especially those in red and black. Change out toothbrush holders and soap dishes for ceramic or plastic striped holders. You can never go wrong with a striped anti-slip bathroom rug. Check out home and bathroom stores to find an array of stylish options.

Update bedsheets and pillows

Decorate with striped bedsheets to create a cozy and chic summer lake house vibe. CITRINELIVING suggests finding light blue and white striped sheets with striped blankets. Summertime is about enjoying the great outdoors and having fun in the sun. Brighten up your interiors by finding yellow and peach-colored striped sheets. Since summer is humid, try to layer lightly by putting away thick comforters in favor of lightweight linen blankets. Thin layers will enable better sleep as well.

For your pillows, consider simple stripes to keep designs cohesive and unobtrusive. Decorate with zig-zag patterned pillows to add flavor to basic stripes. Play with throw pillows and seek wool, cotton, and silk fabric. Tassels and fringed pillows play into flirty aesthetics. Don't neglect mirrors. It has become common to have decorative mirrors placed above a bedpost. Find a mirror with a colorful striped border for a sweet touch.

Jazz up bedroom dressers

You can add chic striped details to your side tables and bedroom dressers in a simple DIY project, per At Home With Ashley. Start by finding a wooden dresser at an antique shop and covering it with white chalk paint for a base. Grab painter's tape, paint in all shades of the rainbow, and paint protectant. To paint the sides of the dresser, use painter's tape to section off parts that don't require paint. Paint stripes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Top off with a spray or gloss paint protectant.

For those who desire a simple striped design, settle on one or two paint colors (via Pocketful of Posies). After using painter's tape to section out measured stripes on the dresser's sides, grab lilac or lavender paint to fill in the areas. Pastel colors in soft shades look suitable all year long. Play up dresser decor by leaning mirrors and artwork against a wall (via CASS Design Co.). Fill space horizontally by placing books or decorative jewelry boxes on top of the dresser. You can lean into vertical space by adding tall decorative vases with long-stemmed flowers inside of the vases on dressers. Add natural elements to dressers by placing tree branches or pieces of coral on top.

Brighten up with striped lights

Each room in your home should have adequate lighting, per In My Own Style. Before getting into the swing of decorating lights with stripes, know the difference between accent, ambient, and task lighting. Accent lighting draws attention to a particular piece of furniture or architectural design, while ambient lighting lights up the whole room. Task lighting involves the use of desk and reading lamps. Before purchasing lamps, think of function over form. Bigger rooms call for statement lamps, while small rooms can do with smaller pieces.

Look for colorfully striped lamps at a local home or linens stores. Search online tutorials for creating DIY striped lamp projects with ceramic paints. When it comes to lampshades, find appropriate-sized shades based on the lamp's dimensions and fit. Striped lamp shades can be found at bedroom and bath stores and come in many colors. Get creative when decorating with stripes by incorporating striped pieces of furniture, bedding, and accessories into brilliant home decor you can cherish for generations.