Hope Ngo

Photo of Hope Ngo
Ateneo De Manila University, The University Of Hong Kong
Philippine Art, Asian-themed Furnishings, Kitchens
  • Hope spent a year styling photoshoots for a Hong Kong-based interior design magazine.
  • Thanks to her love of food and cooking, she dreams about creating the perfect kitchen.
  • She also enjoys trying to work out how classical feng shui works IRL.


Hope has spent years in media, working at NBC Asia, CNN, and Bloomberg Television as a writer and producer. She grew up in the Philippines where she learned about wood and craftsmanship through osmosis, since her father was an active player in the lumber industry for decades. She's a fan of Southeast Asian design in general — and Philippine art in particular — and has the stamina to spend hours wandering around craft markets and furniture stores in Bali, Indonesia; the Philippines; and Thailand.


Hope has a degree in interdisciplinary studies from the Ateneo de Manila University. She also has a Master of Sociology (with Distinction) from The University of Hong Kong, with a focus on Media, Culture, and Creative Cities.
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