40 Creative Paint Colors To Liven Up Your Home

From the kitchen to the bedroom, the right paint colors can make a huge difference in your mood and the energy each room gives off. You can liven up your home by picking brighter colors that inspire creativity, passion, motivation, and joy. Pastels, which are muted tones, can also liven up a space, as long as you're picking the right hues. Look at reds, yellow, and oranges for the happiest shades to bring more life into your place. Blues and greens also bring joy and inspiration.

While you want to look at creative paint colors that work with your home décor and furniture, you can rest assured that many exciting color combos play well together. Use a color wheel to find out what will work best with your current color schemes; Canva has a color wheel that helps find the perfect complementary colors (those on the opposite side of the wheel from each other). Just because your furniture is purple doesn't mean you can find joy from a yellow accent wall!

1. Inspiring yellow accent wall

A simple accent wall can make all the difference in a room that is normally dull and drab. This darker yellow hue makes the taupe room look as though the sun has risen and offers a feeling of warmth and comfort.

2. Vivid yellow living room

White walls aren't the only ones that make a room look larger. This vivid and creative yellow shade is sure to expand the space with added brightness, and in turn increase your joy. It's like bathing in sunlight.

3. Perfect pale yellow walls

Even a pale shade of yellow can add more life to a room. This custard paint color lightens things up without making the walls too bright.

4. Mustard yellow accents

You'll surely find creativity and a refreshed spirit in this mustard, yellow-hued room. Yellow inspires joy and imagination — perfect for your place to explore your inner feelings or share with people who make you happy.

5. Intense orange bedroom vibes

Wake up to refreshing orange walls that make you feel like you're sleeping inside a favorite breakfast drink. The deep tone of this creative paint color makes the room dark enough for a good night's sleep but is bright enough to inspire a joyous day ahead.

6. Stunning salmon accents

There's something bright and inspiring about this creative color combination. When it comes to accenting your room with a pop of color, you don't have to stick to one wall.

7. Peachy pale delight

Honestly, creative paint colors don't always have to be bright and vivid. This pale peach tone is easy on the eyes but opens your room up for tons of creativity — whether you like a cluttered room or minimalist rooms.

8. The palest of pinks

Ditch the boring white walls even if you want something creatively unassuming. This pale pink shade adds a little something to a room without going overboard.

9. Comforting coral

This pink coral paint color has a classic feel that will inspire you to add some Victorian décor, and it will pair well with bright colors for some extra flair. So no matter your preference, bright or easy-going, this color makes a great backdrop.

10. Complementing room colors

Consider using multiple shades of pink and peach if you have conjoining rooms. The effect in this image looks classic and creative.

11. Mix shades for a unique pop of color

Are you having trouble picking the right shade of pink? Don't want to have an entirely pink room? Here's some creative color inspiration that works for living rooms and bedrooms.

12. From light to dark

Another opportunity to combine multiple shades of color comes when you have a room with depth. For example, the back wall painted darker gives this room a unique and creative look.

13. Marvel at maroon walls

Darker and deeper shades of red, like this maroon tone, add a sense of power and creativity to a room. Bold, brave, and stylish is what this color screams. 

14. Add warmth with wine

This beautiful red will do more than inspire you to pour a glass of wine; it'll give your room an air of power. The paint color is rich but bright enough to offer plenty of light for creativity or relaxation.

15. An essence of merlot

Deeper wines and reds make excellent hues for bedrooms. You wake up to that powerful color and get a rich, dark tone that keeps things cloaked in darkness at night..

16. The power room

Red will always be a power color – Scientific American describes why this color is so inspirational when it comes to feeling confident. This red room feels like a great place for meetings or creating the life you want.

17. Mix reds for excitement

While solid walls can be creative on their own, why not try mixing similar colors and adding in some striking patterns. This room is beautiful, vivid, and inspiring. 

18. Add some bright purple

A pretty bright purple room has a feeling of joy and happiness. This room looks inviting. Pick this color for a home office or living room where you want to be energized and motivated.

19. Pleasant pale purple

A pale, lavender purple can be just as inspiring and majestic as a bright purple room. Rather than your basic off-white walls, consider something with just a hint of color.

20. Relax in lavender

Whether you're looking for a place to lounge or you want a stylish bedroom color, this lavender shade is sure to inspire creative décor options. We suggest pairing it with grays or blacks.

21. Dive into deep purples

Inspire your royal or gothic side with this deep dark purple paint color. It's a creative tone that will surely spark conversations when you have company.

22. Vibrant blues

Blue walls in the living room will bring brightness and joy. Not only can you combine other shades of blue, but consider adding bright-colored furniture and décor for an extra creative look.

23. White accents add to this blue shade

Consider pairing white trim with a bright blue like in this living room. The walls aren't completely solid blue, inspiring a little creativity to steer away from your basic paint roller.

24. Unassuming baby blues

While this pale blue may seem pretty unassuming, it sure opens a room up a lot. It gives off a calming yet open and inviting vibe — a great way to liven up a room without going too overboard with color.

25. Glorious grayish blue

Not too light and not too dark, this grayish-blue offers a beautiful backdrop for any room. Add lighter colored décor and furniture to liven it up even more.

26. Lighten up with light turquoise

This pale sea of bluish-green will liven up your living room, giving you the fresh feeling of the outdoors. A bright, beachy paint color that pairs well with a myriad of tones, it'll be easy to mix this in with your current décor.

27. Natural beauty with rich greens

This beautiful green color makes it feel as though you're bringing the outside in. It's not too bright and not too dark, making it an excellent shade for rooms where you want to do a lot of "living."

28. The liveliest of greens

A vivid lime green like this one is sure to add creative energy to any room. The bright color will make your room look bigger while ensuring you have plenty of light for work and creativity — great for a home office, living room, or playroom.

29. Refresh with mint green

This may be a mild green color, but it is as refreshing as the first snow dusting a cluster of pine trees. It pairs well with the crisp white accents in this photo but would look charming with bright colored décor, as well.

30. Inspiring green accent wall

If you don't want an entire room of green walls, consider adding a splash on an accent wall. That little pop of green really livens up this bedroom.

31. Emerald green bedroom

Feel like you're sleeping in an elegant jewel with emerald green walls. While this is a deep and rich paint color, it still adds more life to the room.

32. Freshen things up in the bedroom

Yellow and green blend delightfully to make this enlightening and creative shade of green. It's the perfect shade for the morning persons' bedroom and would look lovely in a kitchen as well.

33. Watery blues

This gorgeous blue hue goes well with the art on the wall. A watery paint color, it is sure to make a room look both vast and vibrant.

34. Evergreen inspirations

Deeper tones don't make a room less lively. On the contrary, this evergreen color makes the room look warm and inviting. It would look great combined with neutral tones or Christmas colors.

35. Denim blue room

If your blue jeans are your favorite item in the wardrobe, you may find energy in this gorgeous denim paint color. Pair it with bright colors to add even more vibrancy, or go for a classic look with black and white décor, like in the picture.

36. Get that cherry red

If cherry red cars are your thing, consider adopting that bright and vibrant color for your home. These living and dining areas look stunning and lively with this happy hue.

37. Invest in gold

Gold accents will liven up any room. The combination of rich reds and vibrant golds in this space makes the place look suitable for royalty.

38. Think spring with pinks

This pink with just a hint of purple undertones gives off the essence of fresh spring flowers. Even in the dead of winter, this perfectly pink color will bring cheerfulness into your home.

39. Nearly neon pink

This nearly neon pink is sure to liven up any room, even one without much outdoor light coming in. As you can see in this picture, you can make many colors work with it.

40. Vintage oranges and browns

You can also liven up a room with creative patterns. The orange brightens the room up, while the brown outline gives it a vintage look.