55 Trendiest Home Décor Ideas

Some trends stick around for decades, like the fashionable gray rooms that are now being replaced with browns and greens, according to Insider. Additionally, many trends are repeats of history, like bringing in antique furniture pieces and putting up wallpaper. Trends are often a sign of the times as well; people are spending more time inside their homes, which means building spaces within for all of the things they need — a space for relaxation, somewhere to get work done, and a nice relaxing spot to hang out outside.

Sustainability is another key ingredient in the home décor trends that are emerging. Buying vintage is giving something old new life again. Shopping at local thrift and vintage stores also puts money in local pockets and does more for small businesses. Furthermore, not only do vintage accents add discussion-worthy pieces to your home, but you get a sense of history when you sit and enjoy them for a bit. Those are just a few of the trendiest home décor ideas we'll discuss in this article.

1. Macramé hung with care

Macramé has been making a steady comeback for a couple of years, both as a creative hobby and as a form of household décor. The Spruce Crafts has some instructions on how to get started if you want to make some of your own knotted décor.

2. Space saving blanket ladders

Whether you use it in the bedroom for extra throw blankets or in the living room, blanket ladders offer a stylish way to keep extra warmth nearby without cluttering up couches or requiring you to dig through a closet or drawer when you're chilly.

3. Leafy floral wall art

Art doesn't have to be complex. If you have a green thumb and want to embrace the beauty of houseplants even in rooms without ample light for real plant life, create or invest in some "green" art. From ferns to leafy plants, this art will make your home feel alive.

4. Big cozy blankets

If you're working on maximizing hygge in your home, you're going to want some big comfy blankets to keep warm with. They're perfect in the bedroom and any space in the house in which you want to relax.

5. Lots of live plants

Whether you're a pro or only started to develop your green thumb, live plants always make wonderful home décor. If you want plants that don't need a lot of attention, look into succulents and cactus plants — they need less watering than most plants and are often more forgiving when neglected for a bit.

6. Decorate with dried plants

Another way to bring more nature into your home is with dried plants. These need no water or special care and add simple elegance to any room of the house.

7. Try the terracotta pots

While you're focusing on trendy nature themes for your home décor, consider using terracotta pots. These red clay pots are beautiful, enhance the green of your plants, and add great earthy tones to any room.

8. Put retro objects to use

What is old usually comes back around again. If you have vintage typewriters, clocks, radios, or cameras just lying around, use them to make your home look cool. Records make great wall décor (so don't toss the scratched or warped ones when they start skipping on the turntable).

9. Implement geometric designs

Enjoy the creativity of geometric designs in your space. From end tables to lampshades, there are all sorts of décor items being made in these intricate, yet sturdy, shapes.

10. Floating shelves

Rather than going with basic, boring shelving, consider trying out floating shelves. One of the benefits of these trendy shelves is that they take up less space on your walls than traditional hanging shelves. Plus, they just look cool.

11. Track lighting to brighten things up

Basic ceiling lights don't offer enough light for keeping a room bright. If you're an artist or other creative type who craves lots of good lighting, invest in trendy track lights.

12. Earth tone browns

Brown is one of the "in" colors right now, according to Vogue. No matter which tones you choose to incorporate within the rooms of your home, they'll bring warmth and comfort.

13. Unique lighting additions

If you want to add a modern touch to your space, pick some creative lighting. There are lots of options out there, but this overhead light and tripod lamp look super cool.

14. Wicker furniture and storage

Wicker furniture isn't just for patios and porches. It offers a great way to bring more sustainable furniture into the home and adds to a natural aesthetic. Wicker baskets and totes are great for storage and controlling clutter.

15. Trendy pallet décor

Pallet crafting isn't a new thing, but it is definitely a trendy thing. You can make your own pallet bookcases with instructions from online bloggers like Jen Woodhouse, or look for them at rustic shops and craft events.

16. Look for leather

Another way to bring nature inside is to look for natural fabrics, including leather. Leather furniture is trending and you can go for new or vintage. The "used" look of vintage leather adds character to your décor.

17. Toss on some throw pillows

There's something about throw pillows that brings a room together and adds creativity. While their only real purpose is aesthetic beauty, picking the right patterns and colors for your couch or bed can make any room look like it's clipped right out of a trendy magazine.

18. Live plant art

Bring life to the walls in your home with living art. This gorgeous piece of greenery is made of succulents. In the bathroom, it won't get a lot of natural light, but it will get a nice drink of water from the shower steam. Make your own with these instructions from Better Homes & Gardens.

19. Organized entryways

What does your entryway look like? Are you getting the most of that space? Invest in some great spaces to store hats, coats, umbrellas, and other stuff you tend to discard the moment you walk in the door — without excess clutter!

20. Cool color coordination

While natural colors, like brown tones, may be the "in" colors, if bright tones are more your vibe, consider something striking. Pairing deep turquoise with pale pink in multiple areas of the room, for example, makes for a lively and cozy atmosphere.

21. Channel your inner grandma

If you were alive in the '70s or '80s, you know all about floral wallpaper patterns. They're "in" again. Add some vintage pizazz to any room in your home with a garish wallpaper print. Not into floral? Try paisley. 

22. Fake a fireplace

Even fake fireplaces can add comfort to a room. Whether you put in a mantle like the one pictured or integrate an unusable fireplace into a space for candles and fairy lights, you can have the delights of this beautiful décor without the smoke and need for a chimney sweep.

23. Floating stairs

When it comes to trendy things, stuff that floats will be cool for a while. You've seen floating shelves, now it's time for floating stairs. These may not be a great option if anyone in your home is afraid of heights.

24. Luxurious lounges

Chaise lounges, sometimes referred to as fainting couches, are a great addition to any room. Put one in the living room for extra seating, or in the bedroom as a place to lounge when you don't feel like getting in bed quite yet. Velvet lounges are exquisite and might make you feel like royalty.

25. Striking curtain combinations

Your curtains don't have to be one color. Get creative with the use of valences and sashes. The blue paired with off-white in this living space adds a bright pop of color to the room.

26. A home office nook

With more people working from home, it makes sense to find a space to set up a little home office area. Pick a chair that you find comfortable, even if it isn't a computer chair. Use a modern desk or something kitsch like the one in the background of this picture.

27. A meditation space

If wellness is important to you, one trend you may want to participate in is creating a meditation space where you can enjoy the lack of clutter and the silence you need in order to drift inward. If enough space is available, you can do yoga there too.

28. Metal implements

Stunning chandeliers pared with neat metal creations makes for one amazing looking living room. Chandeliers always make great lighting choices. This is stylish, modern, and very trendy.

29. Refresh those wood floors

Whether your wood floors are in need of some buffing or they're hidden under carpeting, now is the time to bring them back to life and make them shine. Beautiful wood floors are making a comeback, and open you up to having fun with area rugs.

30. Elegant blocks of wood

Trendy living rooms are giving up on the traditional coffee tables and investing in elegant chunks of wood that bring a rustic feel into even the most modern home. You can stick with one table, pair up tables for coffee table style looks, or even use them as end tables.

31. Curvy couches

No matter how big or small your couch is, get trendy with a curvy sofa if it's time for a replacement. These somewhat circular couches give you a better TV viewing angle and allow for better chats when you're hanging out with the family or have guests over.

32. Cool bowl bathroom sinks

Basic bathroom sinks are boring. Consider creating a modern atmosphere with a trendy bowl-style sink. It's like the past meets the future.

33. Fantastic cupboards

Fabulous cupboards are in your future. Whether you want bright colors or you'd prefer fancy hardware, your bathroom and kitchen could use some trendy modern style.

34. At-home bars

If you're spending more time enjoying your libations at home and less time going out for drinks, a home bar is a great addition to your place. You can set one up in any space that has room in your home, including a finished basement.

35. Add some antique accent pieces

Antiques will always have a place in homes, but they're becoming more and more trendy. Head out to your local vintage shop and find the perfect accent piece for your living room, den, or dining area. 

36. Boast bold patterns

Bold patterns, like these striped walls, are in right now. Bedrooms aren't the only place to go for patterns that stand out; use them in the living room, kitchen, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

37. Bright and bold colors

While there is a lean toward natural tones, like greens and browns, bold colors in bright shades are also trendy and stylish. Bring a rainbow of color into a room you enjoy spending time in to help bring a constant smile to your face.

38. Vintage styled window coverings

If you've found yourself bored with basic curtains, you may be happy to know that vintage-style patterned curtains are making a comeback. Go simple yet vivid with bright florals on white, or look for something even more vintage and shocking.

39. Natural terrarium décor

Bring the outdoors in with creative terrariums. Nature décor is trendy in any way, from live plants in basic pots to dried plants. For terrariums, you get the creativity of a flower arrangement, of sorts, mixed with live plants that won't die in a couple of weeks (unless you improperly care for them, of course).

40. Stone décor

While you're turning your home into a relaxing sanctuary that you're happy to spend more time in, add some beautiful stone and pottery pieces. A raw rock looks just as beautiful as a handmade pottery piece.

41. Art that stands out

Three-dimensional art adds more depth to a room and looks unique while doing it. There are all sorts of cool art pieces out there in 3D form, including kitsch wood animal head mounts like the one in this picture.

42. Rustic storage

Traditional bookshelves are boring, so consider replacing yours with some wooden crates. You can buy them new or find them at thrift and antique shops. Mix and match colors, repaint them yourself, or go for uniform matching sets. These are great for all sorts of décor, not just books.

43. Under television storage space

While TV stands are no longer a must-have with flat-screen televisions being easily mountable, you may still want some storage space for your Blu-ray collection or other random items. Look for oblong shelving with unique designs, like the trendy piece in this image.

44. Cuddle up in a canopy bed

Canopy beds are beautiful. While they may have turned into a "princess" bedroom motif over the years, they're now making a comeback in adult bedrooms. You can opt to stick with the basic four-poster bed look or hang some sheer curtains to add whimsy and romance.

45. Dark kitchens are in

Dark kitchens seem to be something many people avoid, but they're becoming popular now. Stick with the brown tones that are trendy, add a little mood lighting, and ditch the bright whites and yellows. Some off-white accent areas on the wall will still give you a little pop of brightness when you need it.

46. Adding everyday items to the walls

Pair cool household items with your usual wall artwork. Wicker and other natural elements are "in," so hang stuff you're not getting everyday use of on the walls — like old paper plate holders and fun bags that are too small for your shopping trips.

47. Get that breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks offer a stylish space for enjoying breakfast or brunch. Nooks are all the rage right now, so this is a great way to integrate one into the kitchen area. It's a small area and can double as a dining space if your home is smaller.

48. Cool coffee table decor

Coffee table books are back in style, whether you're displaying your current bestseller reads, self-help guides, or some photography books. Pair your book piles with other delights, like candles and pretty dishes.

49. Expand your floral focus

Floral curtains and wallpaper have already been covered in this list, but you can expand the floral focus more — from floral pillows to wall art and even fresh cut flowers in fancy vases. 

50. Go big with anything you can

Go big if you want your home to be trendy. Big mirrors, large blanket knits, and oversized clocks are just a few good additions. The larger-than-life décor stands out and adds to the maximalist trend that is becoming popular again.

51. Classic black fixtures

Black accents are coming to many rooms near you. They give a dark yet classic feel to any room. This black and white bathroom is stylish and bold.

52. Grab some circles

Circular designs are another trendy accent to look into. From rugs and mirrors to tables and clocks, bring some round stuff into your home. Shapes catch the eye, and mixing and matching shapes adds more creativity to any space.

53. Grab some green

Brown isn't the only color trending — green is growing in popularity as well. Natural shades and earthy tones are exactly what you want to look for if you're giving your home a makeover.

54. Soft and smooth sitting

If you're not keen on leather couches, for whatever reason, velvety sofas in rich earth tones, like this green one, are also a trendy option. Soft, comfortable, and beautiful, the right couch will be the focal point of your living room or den.

55. Take the indoors outside

Another wonderful trend to follow is bringing indoor spaces outside. Make use of your backyard, deck, or patio by investing in your own relaxation. Outdoor furniture doesn't have to look boring and plastic.