Decorate Your Home Like Regina George's Bedroom From Mean Girls

"Mean Girls" is at the top of the list of classic teen flicks that have stood the test of time. According to The Miami Hurricane, the unforgettable 2003 film has left a lasting influence on pop culture with punchy one-liners like, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink," to its accurate portrayal of high school drama. The movie's message is to be yourself, and that kindness beats popularity at the end of the day.

Most pop culture fans and fashion lovers talk about how the influence of "Mean Girls" fashion. The group of popular girls, known as The Plastics, had a unique style. When it came to queen bee Regina George, she wore romantic colors in pink, red, black, and purple and favored short skirts (via ModernGurlz on YouTube). Regina George comes from an affluent family, which explains her expensive designer purses, flashy car, and opulent mansion. Her luxurious bedroom design is no exception. Pops of pink, a canopy bed, and the infamous "Burn Book" are just a few details inside the queen bee's fabulous living space. Want to bring Regina's signature decor style to your home? Follow these chic decorating tips and tricks for a "so fetch" bedroom.

Find comfortable pink bedding

When Cady Heron and The Plastics go to Regina's house, they hang out in her palatial bedroom, formerly her parents' room. Regina's satin comforter is a deep pink color. Decorating with pink bedding in the bedroom is bright, vibrant, romantic, and confident, per Extremely Modest on YouTube. A way to create your own pink bedroom is to place a fluffy pink comforter on top of the bed sheets. Keep bed sheets a neutral color like cream or white. Toss a few pink-patterned decorative pillows on the bed for extra punch. You can also decorate the space around the bed by placing a few vases of pink roses on bedside tables.

At the foot of Regina's bed, there's a bench with multiple pillows to sit and rest. Benches are perfect decor for other parts of the home. Place one in the entryway for family members to put on their shoes or coats. Add an element of softness to your interiors by finding a cushioned bench in a shade of peony pink. Check out this Madelyn Rectangle Storage Ottoman from Wayfair. Even Regina would find this piece fetch.

Install a four poster bed

Regina has a magnificent four-poster bed fit for the queen bee at North Shore High School. You can recreate the look by buying a four-poster bed, available in a variety of designs, per Revival Beds. Four poster beds typically come in intricate wood designs. Go for old English opulence by hanging thick fabrics around the canopy in rich shades of burgundy. Thick curtains in bold shades of navy and brown will look exquisite as living room curtains.

For those who prefer a romantic vibe, purchase pastel pink canopy curtains. This shade will fit the "Mean Girl" aesthetic well. Go the rustic country route by incorporating plain wooden headboards with minimal designs. Buy a four-poster bed made with dark wood grain for a moody effect. Look into four-poster beds with dramatic bed posts, such as the Kingstown Four Poster Bed from Wayfair.

Medium and large-sized bedrooms do well with four-poster beds, but small bedrooms may not have enough room (via Kernig Krafts). Metal four-poster beds are long-lasting compared to wooden beds. Stick with a Regina-inspired aesthetic by buying a pink metal four-poster bed or painting a wooden four-poster bed pink. Canopy bed curtains are an option, and they are sure to beautify the surrounding space.

Invest in an antique dresser

When Regina's mother brings in mocktails for the girls to enjoy, movie viewers get a glimpse of Regina's antique dresser. The dresser is gold with drawers and an attached mirror with purple trim, showing Regina's love of romantic colors. The dresser features flowers, framed photos, lamps, and a Hello Kitty doll. Antique dressers add a sense of charm and functionality, per Love Our Real Life. Mirrors on dressers make the room brighter and create the illusion of more space. Mirrors on short, wide dressers look better compared to ones on tall, vertical dressers. They add height without looking crowded. This cottagecore-inspired dresser from Amazon will look fantastic with hot pink curtains draped over the mirror to stay with an inspired Regina look.

Want to dress up your dresser? Place two lamps on top of an antique dresser to create balance and space (via Old World Home on YouTube). These Bohemian lamps from Amazon with decorated bodies in pink shades are "Mean Girls" style. If you want to stick with modern furniture in your primary bedroom, place mirrored antique dressers in a guest bedroom. These pieces are perfect for guests who need a place to store their clothing and check out their outfits before heading out the door.

Design a bed platform

Regina's bedroom features a dusty purple platform under her bed. The platform provides space for her bench and changing clothes. Is there an effortless way to construct a chic platform for your bedroom indoors? You can use wooden palettes, per The Will To Make on YouTube.

Before cutting the wood, measure the space needed for the platform and determine the number of palettes you need for the project. Lay the palettes next to each other and put laminated sheets on top. Once everything is situated, put fence pickets on top and use a drill to connect the pieces together. To keep with the Regina theme, use purple spray paint to fill the cracks in the wood and apply purple deck paint over the whole platform. You can put purple carpeting all over the wood platform and drill in the sides to keep it intact. Place this dark purple Asha Rug from Rugs under the bed to carve out space in your bedroom simply and easily.

Get creative with statement decals

A "Princess" wall decal decorates the space above Regina's bed. Create your own "Princess" wall statement like Regina with decals. According to JR Decal, wall decals are trendy and customizable to any specific preference. Unlike wall paint or wallpaper, applying wall decals isn't labor intensive and doesn't require extensive time. With wall decals, people don't have to worry about leaving unsightly marks and holes from screws and nails. Make your statement wall piece with this set of Bamboo Serif Letters & Numbers from Joann Fabrics. You can place the letters on the walls of any room, from the living room to the kitchen.

When hanging wood letters, use hanging strips because they are low-commitment and easy to remove (via CraftCuts). Use a level to measure the paper template to ensure it's perfect. Tape the corners with the masking tape. Get a paper template with holes inside the paper stenciled letters to sketch on the wall where specific letters will go. Use the towel to wipe everything down and remove dust. Add strips at even contact points on the back of the letters and peel off the sticky strips. When you're ready to remove the letters, pull down on the tab parallel to the wall.

Don't forget the tunes

The 2000s was a great time for music, and many people were listening to CDs by artists such as Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Usher, and Fallout Boy. Regina has her own stereo system with compact discs in her room. For people who want to purchase a stereo for their home, check out this Sharp XL-BH250 Speaker System with Bluetooth from Amazon. The stereo system will provide top-notch sound and allow you to listen to music in various formats such as radio, compact discs, and MP3. A hang-out spot in the living room or basement could do with a stereo.

Stay with the 2000s aesthetic in "Mean Girls" by purchasing this adorable Stereo CD Boombox from JCPenney with the iconic monkey cartoon, Paul Frank. Parents with young children may want to buy this CD player for a focal point in their bedroom and expose them to good music. If you have a stereo system in your home, keep it clean with regular cleaning sessions, per Yamaha. Take a microfiber cloth spritzed with a cleaning solution to wipe down the surface of the stereo. Use cotton swabs or cotton balls to wipe the dust off knobs and dials. For vents, use a can of compressed air to clear away dust and other debris.

Sleep on silk pillowcases

When it came to bedding, Regina went fancy with purple silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases aren't just aesthetically pleasing. They provide numerous functional benefits, per The Perennial Style. Due to the smooth fabric, silk prevents hair from breaking and getting split ends. Silk pillowcases also fight against acne breakouts because they're hypoallergenic and are naturally resistant to mites and allergens. Silk surfaces stay cool, even in hot temperatures.

Take care when washing your silk pillowcase (via Town & Country Living). Look for machine-washable brands that don't require dry cleaning treatments. It's best to allow silk pillowcases to air dry because they may get damaged in the dryer. If your silk pillowcases need ironing, keep the setting low so as not to ruin the material. Want to purchase a pillowcase with Regina's signature style? The queen bee would love this Pink Tie Dye pillowcase from Blissy. Unlike plain silk pillowcases, the tie-dye print adds character and would fit in a bohemian or romantic bedroom.

Look for patchwork couches

Regina has patchwork couches in shades of red, purple, and pink in her bedroom. The additional seating is perfect for gossiping with The Plastics after a long day at school. Regina's patchwork couches pull together the aesthetic of her bedroom. According to Meister, patchwork designs involve scraps of fabrics made of unconventional materials, colors, and patterns. There are no rules to using patchwork furniture, and it's all about choosing colors and pieces that appeal to your unique sense of design.

Designer Sarah Palacios told the Los Angeles Times, "It's all about making things feel like one-of-a-kind pieces. Patchwork makes them become more like collectibles. It has a relaxed feeling to it." If the living room has painted white walls with dark wood flooring, break the monotony by styling the living room with this Masmoudi Sofa Bed from Wayfair. The boldly colored patterned sofa is eye-catching and sure to be a conversation starter. For people who want to work with small patchwork accessories, check out the SVARTHÖ cushion cover from IKEA in pink and beige. The pattern looks like what Regina would use in her own bedroom. You can use the cover for a pillow and place it on top of a bed or a white sofa in the living room.

Decorate your walls with posters

Regina has music posters on the walls of her bedroom near the stereo. One notable poster is of singer Avril Lavigne, who was everywhere in the 2000s. Elevate your walls by decorating them with printed art posters of your favorite musicians and artists. The first step is to find your favorite poster, per WindowShopGal. Try to fill the wall space by going big instead of small. When working with print art, people need to see the artwork from a distance, so anything too small makes the overall area seem underwhelming.

If you want to create a cozy space or reading nook in the living room, get creative by using two to three colors from the artwork poster prints. To create an aesthetic Regina would love, hang up posters with shades of red, pink, and purple. This Y2K Décor Cherry Bomb Print from Etsy will work for an apartment with an artsy chic vibe or for someone who loves pop art. It will look nice against a blank wall or hung next to kitschy art pieces. Match the living room decor to the colors by adding a red couch with patterned cushions and throw pillows in pink or purple. You can also play with texture by purchasing cotton, satin, or wool throw pillows.

Embrace full-length mirrors

Regina, Gretchen, and Karen were constantly checking themselves out in the full-length mirror in Regina's bedroom. Whether you want to step up your selfie game or make getting ready in the morning more fun, you can use full-length mirrors in your bedroom. Another great benefit is that mirrors can help make a small bedroom look more spacious, per Mirrorworld. Placing a mirror near a window can increase the amount of natural light. Go fancy by purchasing a lighted makeup vanity mirror. This piece is suitable for people who love doing makeup looks and having a special place to sit down and be creative.

Tall freestanding mirrors are great for changing purposes and also add a sense of practicality to everyday room decor. A tall mirror with an elaborately etched bronzed border adds classiness to a neutral bedroom. Regina would've loved this Roundhill Cheval Mirror from Amazon for her bedroom.

Work with valances

In Regina's bedroom, she has pink valances on top of her windows. Per Nicole Draperies, window valances play an essential role in home decor. Valances hide unsightly architectural flaws and make rooms appear more organized and aesthetically pleasing. They also offer privacy, add softness, and hide unbecoming hardware parts.

Interior designer Penny Morrison told Homes & Gardens, "For me, window valances exude luxury and they are an extra attention to detail and give a very finished feel. Valances add a sense of height and can balance particularly tall windows. Equally, they are a neat way to hide the tracks on which curtains are hung as well as any blinds set behind. The proportion of a valance is key, you do not want them so narrow that they look mean, neither too wide that they look heavy or block too much light. Shaped valances and fringe trims are the real icing on the cake!" You can add these sophisticated window treatments to your home by playing with different fits, fabrics, and designs. Aim to stay with minimal patterns to appeal to tie everything together, and keep the look effortless. If you want to go full Regina mode, add these ECLIPSE Scalloped Window Valance Curtains from Amazon to a living room or bedroom window.

Create a faux fireplace

It's not surprising that Regina's elaborate bedroom has a beautiful fireplace. These focal points are great additions to any room. You can decorate a fireplace mantel with unique special knickknacks and heat the space during winter. If you don't want to deal with fire hazards, construct a faux fireplace in your bedroom with a DIY project, per Farmhouse on Boone on YouTube. The first step is to buy a removable mantel. Add a surround and a cover to create the illusion of a chimney. Grab tile slates for the room to house the faux fireplace. Use sticky sheets on the floor to secure the tiles. The tiles will act as the base for the mantel and faux fireplace.

For additional structure, drill plywood to the back of the mantel. Ensure the mantel is level by marking the studs in the wall. You can secure the mantel by drilling into the wall. Screw the surround into the plywood, and snap the cover into the surround. Then, connect both parts properly together with wiring. Alternatively, you can go the no-fuss route by purchasing the Granville Mantel Electric Fireplace from Home Depot. Take your faux fireplace to the next level with a Regina-inspired look by adding pink faux roses to vases or a pink velvet mantel covering. These decorating tips and tricks will transform your home into a chic "Mean Girls"-approved space in no time. All you need are pretty colors, some accessories, and a little creativity.