The Most Stunning Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is the ultimate place to let loose, be spontaneous, and make a few bets. Per, Las Vegas has everything from star-studded nightclubs to world-class casinos, making it a true playground for adults. If you're a foodie, Vegas has some of the most renowned and lavish buffets and steakhouses in existence. However, Sin City can also be a great destination for lounging by the pool or spending the weekend in a spa, giving you options when it comes to how you'd like to spend your time off.

While Vegas is known for many things, its grandiose and lavish hotels are certainly among the most talked-about attractions. From the glimmering Cosmopolitan to the legendary Caesars Palace, these properties are some of the most beautifully constructed hotels in the entire country. If you're looking to plan a trip to Sin City and live like an A-lister, keep reading for House Digest's list of the most stunning hotels in Las Vegas.

Check out the stunning casino at Encore Resort

Located within the Wynn Las Vegas, the Encore Resort is one of the hippest and coolest accommodation options on the Las Vegas strip. According to their official website, rooms at Encore are a bit bigger than traditional rooms at the Wynn. A vibrant red lobby greets Encore guests upon entering the towering building, with striking chandeliers decorating each hallway. Though it is definitely ostentatious, the hotel is also very elegant and classic.

One of the best parts about staying at the Encore Resort is that guests get access to everything that the Wynn has, giving you double the amount of dining and entertainment options. However, if you visit during pool party season, an experience at Encore Beach Club is an absolute must. Regardless of if you enjoy gambling, have a drink in the casino to take in all of the stunning details and design elements that can be seen throughout. Just be prepared to be surrounded by many shades of red during your stay.

Stay in the heart of the Las Vegas strip at the Waldorf Astoria

Per Hilton, the Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, is right in the center of the Las Vegas strip. Because this hotel is a rare non-gaming accommodation, those who prefer to stay away from the temptations of gambling will appreciate this factor. With three pools on-site, the Waldorf Astoria is the ultimate Vegas destination when it comes to relaxing and mellowing out among the chaos of Sin City.

The spa at the Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, spans across 27,000-square-feet, giving you a wide array of award-winning treatments to choose from (via its official website). After indulging in some afternoon tea in the resort's modern Tea Lounge, head up to the 23rd floor and have a nightcap at Skybar while you take in endless city views. While the Waldorf Astoria gives guests the option of a more secluded and chill stay, you can easily experience the more wild side of Vegas by visiting one of the many nearby clubs or bars.

From the restaurants to the clubs, the Wynn Las Vegas has everything

The Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most impressive and coveted hotels on the Las Vegas strip, according to Conde Nast Traveler. From the floral-covered lobby to the marble floors with tiled mosaics scattered across them, the Wynn Las Vegas transports you to another world with its elegant and whimsical decor. Walking into the Wynn is like taking a breath of fresh air as you are greeted with twinkling lights and colorful bouquets that hang from the trees.

While you certainly won't have any trouble finding somewhere to eat, you might have a hard time choosing from the wide selection of delicious eateries. With more than 20 dining options on-site, along with five stunning bars, the Wynn is home to some of the most amazing and unique restaurants in Nevada (via its official website). While the casino is a bit more refined and simple than the one found at Encore, Wynn's sister hotel, it is still a great place to grab a drink and play some slots.

Caesars Palace is one of the most iconic hotels on the Las Vegas strip

Caesars Palace is perhaps the most well-known and famous hotel in Las Vegas. Having been featured in movies and TV shows like "The Hangover" and "The Hills," Caesars Palace has made a name for itself as a must-see property while in Vegas. Even if you don't choose to stay here, Caesars Palace is worth visiting. According to its official website, Caesars Palace has everything from comfortable and contemporary rooms to extraordinary suites that transport you to a Roman palace.

If you plan on shopping while in Vegas, Caesars is the place to start. The Forum Shops is home to some of the most luxurious and high-end shops in Las Vegas. That being said, you might want to try to win some extra cash at the blackjack table before you start shopping. While the restaurants and casino are top-notch, the attention to detail and stunning architecture make Caesars Palace such an iconic staple on the Las Vegas Strip.

Live in luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

As one of the few non-gaming and non-smoking hotels on the Strip, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is a truly refined option that doesn't require flashiness to prove its quality. Per its official website, the Four Seasons promotes luxury and elegance through its exclusivity and serene environment. Given its more upscale and respectful atmosphere, it is perfect for those who don't have an interest in gambling and prefer not to walk through a cloud of smoke while strolling through the lobby.

With a five-star spa and delicious dining at Veranda, you'll find it very tempting to stay on the hotel grounds during your entire stay. However, the main reason travelers choose the Four Seasons when visiting Vegas is the spa. From healing therapies to various full-body massages, treating yourself to spa treatment is definitely encouraged so that you may experience the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas at its best.

Stay at the lively Aria Resort & Casino

Whether you're attending a concert at MGM's Park Theater or a hockey game at the T-Mobile Arena, staying at the Aria gives you optimal access to some of the best entertainment in Las Vegas. According to Aria's website, there are a few different outdoor pools to choose from, though none of them get quite as rowdy as the other pools on the Strip. The hotel itself is very sleek and modern, and there are several Instagram-worthy spots where you'll want to snap a few photos.

If you are looking to experience the wilder side of Vegas, hit up Jewel Nightclub or head to Gem Bar for a craft cocktail. Regarding food, guests can choose between one of eight on-site restaurants for a tasty bite. For something a bit more upscale, check out Catch Restaurant for innovative seafood dishes. Jean Georges Steakhouse is great if you're looking for a traditional steakhouse. But if you find yourself in need of something greasy and indulgent to cure your hangover, stop by Posh Burger for a classic patty and fries.

Explore the Grand Canal at The Venetian

The Venetian is something straight out of a fairytale. This Italian-inspired haven transports you to Europe with its intricate decor and impressive attention to detail. However, this hotel is much more than just a pretty property. According to its official website, this resort has everything from top-tier dining to some of the most popular nightlife on the Strip. It is also very centrally located, making it a great home base if you intend to explore as much of Vegas as possible.

If you're looking to hit the clubs, walk downstairs to Tao Nightclub and do some major celebrity spotting. Once your hunger sets in, enjoy anything your heart (or stomach) could desire, from Greek food to Italian to French. While the hotel in its entirety is absolutely gorgeous, the most defining characteristic of The Venetian is the Grand Canal. Sit back, relax, and take a romantic gondola ride for a special date night or celebration.

The Bellagio Resort & Casino is a classic option on the Las Vegas Strip

According to its official website, the Bellagio Resort & Casino was influenced by the serene setting of various European villages, inspiring the stunning, crystal-clear lake that surrounds the property. From watching the fountain dance each evening to exploring the timeless architecture of this resort, the Bellagio boasts true luxury and elegance. With high-end restaurants like Spago and Le Cirque on-site, guests of the Bellagio will eat and drink like royalty. It is also conveniently located right next to Caesars Palace, meaning you can indulge in all of their restaurants and bars with ease. 

In regards to amenities, sit down to gamble at one of the casino's 40 poker tables or unwind with a cocktail at the dreamy Mediterranean-styled alfresco pool. The Bellagio also hosts various shows such as Cirque du Soleil, making it a wonderful option for those looking to check one of these mind-bending and visually striking performances off of their bucket list. If you can, try to snag a room that has a view of the fountains so you can catch a glimpse of them against the Vegas skyline.

If you're looking for a more mellow time in Vegas, check out the Vdara Hotel & Spa

Another MGM-owned resort, the Vdara Hotel & Spa is a low-key accommodation that prioritizes wellness and peace while still giving you the option to party. According to Vdara's website, the hotel is pet-friendly, meaning you can bring your four-legged friend along for the journey! Since it is most famous for its spa, make sure to book a treatment with the concierge. Whether you need an age-defying facial or you want to spruce up your nails with a manicure, you can't go wrong with Vdara's five-star spa.

There is also a rooftop pool that you'll want to check out. From plunge pools to cabanas, enjoy stellar views and refreshing cocktails between spa treatments. For food, order room service for a cozy night in or a quick bite while lounging by the pool before walking over to Aria for some dancing and drinks at Jewel Nightclub. The neighboring MGM Grand also has some solid eateries and bars for you to check out.

Located within Caesars Palace, Nobu Hotel offers an experience unlike any other

The Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace is without a doubt one of the most exclusive options on our list. As the famous Chef Nobu's first venture into hotels, guests can expect only the best in service, comfort, and quality. Per Nobu Hotel's website, this Japanese-inspired hotel creates a serene setting that is unlike anything else in Las Vegas. Similar to his iconic restaurants, the Nobu Hotel is drenched in luxury, and you can expect to be impressed at every single turn.

The zen-inspired rooms allow you to melt away in the evenings, while the upscale Nobu restaurant will send your taste buds on a journey that you'll never forget. Since it is located in a separate tower from the rest of Caesars Palace, there is a real sense of seclusion and peace that can be hard to find in Las Vegas. While Sin City certainly isn't the top destination for those looking to find some solace, Nobu Hotel gives guests that option should they need it.

Enjoy a modern stay at the NoMad Las Vegas

If you prefer something more industrial and rustic than your typical, flashy Vegas hotel, NoMad might be your ideal accommodation. While it still has the over-the-top aesthetic that Vegas is known for, NoMad Las Vegas uses dark coloring and more modern architecture to curate a special experience for its guests. According to its website, this MGM-owned resort has a hip European feel to it, and it is a bit cozier than most other hotels on the Strip.

Rather than being too ostentatious, the rooms have a more timeless appeal, and guests will appreciate various details, such as the classic billiards tables and the endless shelves of books. There is even an on-site restaurant that sits inside a massive library that contains more than 25,000 books. These books were originally a part of legendary banker David Rockefeller's personal collection. Overall, NoMad curates a more intimate setting for guests looking to explore Las Vegas in style.

Check out the amazing attention to detail throughout The Palazzo

Located within The Venetian is the more upscale and exclusive Palazzo Tower. Per The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, The Palazzo Tower uses traditional and lavish Italian decor to set the mood for your stay. Between the massive columns in the lobby and the sparkling marble floors, you'll feel as though you are Italian royalty while wandering the halls of this hotel. When it comes to the rooms, guests will find modern and refined accommodations that are pretty sizable compared to most other rooms on the Strip.

While you can easily visit all of the other restaurants located within The Venetian, The Palazzo is home to Mott 32, which serves contemporary Chinese cuisine in a sultry and luxurious setting. Above all else, make sure you head over to The Palazzo Pool Deck. This crystal-clear pool looks as though it came straight out of a luxurious Italian villa, and there is truly no better place to unwind and relax on the property.

Unwind at The Mirage Hotel & Casino

According to the Mirage Hotel & Casino website, this MGM resort has more than 15 different dining options, with eateries that range from frozen yogurt shops to celebrity-run steakhouses. Visitors and guests can experience everything from hilarious stand-up shows to mind-bending magic shows when it comes to entertainment. The Spa at the Mirage Hotel & Casino also allows you to recharge before a wild night out with their saunas, jacuzzis, and steam rooms. There are even private meditation rooms for those who need some serious re-centering!

If the weather is warm, take a dip in the massive pool and swim under the flowing waterfalls. While the Mirage Hotel & Casino has its flashier elements, such as the fiery volcano outside the resort, the rooms have a more modern touch. One of the most beautiful sections of the hotel is the lobby, which has a glass, dome-shaped roof that opens up the space and lets natural light in. Since many hotels in Vegas have dim lighting, this airy and bright lobby is a refreshing change.