Kailen Skewis

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The University Of Idaho
Gardening, Houseplant Care, DIY Projects
  • Kailen's home is almost exclusively furnished with DIY, thrifted, and revamped pieces that she sourced from second-hand shops, family, and online marketplaces.
  • She is a dedicated plant parent caring for several houseplants at a time in her tiny apartment.
  • An avid researcher on home and garden trends, Kailen keeps up with all the latest tips from growing juicy tomatoes to restoring wood furniture.


Kailen has experience in blog writing, news writing, and content writing for businesses through her internships at the University of Idaho and time spent with an SEO service company in 2021. She also read for the American literary magazine: Fugue. Currently, Kailen also writes for House Digest's sister site, Glam where she covers things like beauty trends, hair care tips, and how to achieve the perfect manicure. Her experience with color theory, symmetry, and texture relating to makeup and fashion has only strengthened her ability to redecorate a room and DIY any project she sets her mind to.


In 2021, Kailen earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Idaho in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Professional Writing. During her time spent in college, Kailen wrote on the topic of women's empowerment for the University of Idaho Women's Center and ran the English department's Instagram account.
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