Jenna Intersimone

Photo of Jenna Intersimone
New Jersey
Monmouth University, Istituto Lorenzo De Medici
Interior Design, Home TV, Celebrity Homes
  • Jenna is a feature reporter and blogger.
  • She grew up helping her family flip houses, transforming defunct real estate into beautiful, welcoming spaces.
  • Jenna is obsessed with home TV and can often be found watching re-runs of "Selling Sunset," "Million Dollar Listing," "Flip or Flop," and "Fixer Upper."


Jenna has been an award-winning features journalist for almost a decade, having written about everything from forgotten homes hidden away in the mountains of New Jersey to stunning mansions on the other side of the world. She founded her blog Life Aboard The Traveling Circus in 2012 and has been hooked on seeing it all and putting it to paper ever since for blogs, websites, and magazines. Jenna loves all things home design — especially if that means too much color and personality — and hopelessly devours home television. Plus, as a lifelong nomad, she's gotten pretty good at transforming spaces into homes with life, personality, and style.


Jenna has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Monmouth University, a small school just blocks away from the beaches of New Jersey.
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