Rebecca Wolken

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Cincinnati, OH
University Of Cincinnati
Gardening, Pets, Home Remodeling
  • Rebecca's father and grandfather owned a small remodeling company and she has been a part of their conversations and business ever since she could talk. With a passion for writing it was no surprise that after college she became the writer for the company.
  • As a college student, Rebecca worked at dog daycares and worked her way up to veterinary hospitals and working as a veterinary assistant. Her love for dogs and all pets has made her the go-to person for all her family pet needs and questions.
  • Starting with houseplants Rebecca found a love for gardening and all things homesteading. She has an extensive kitchen garden and raises chickens in her backyard, and can always be found listening to gardening podcasts and researching honeybees.


As a young woman Rebecca found a passion for writing that followed her through life. She started professionally writing for her family's small remodeling company in 2017, then went off on her own in 2020 as a freelancer. She's written for Bob Vila, HappySprouts, and other small remodeling companies since then. Writing isn't just a job, it's a passion, and one she's constantly honing and sharpening.


Rebecca went to the University of Cincinnati for Business Technology and received a well-rounded education that has served her well while writing for small businesses.
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