25 Easy Decorating Ideas To Transform An Entire Room In A Day

Major home decoration projects often require a huge budget and plenty of time to accomplish. However, if you neither have the budget nor the time, there still is a lot you can do as far as adorning your home. Improving the aesthetic appeal of your entire residence or a single room is not as complicated and time-consuming as you might imagine: A little creativity and experimentation are all you need to transform a boring room into a pleasant and welcoming space.

Transforming a stale and uninspiring area within a day will mean you have to go with simple yet elegant design elements that will immediately increase drama in that particular room. Of course, you can easily accomplish simple decorating ideas like changing the light color bulb or rearranging the space's layout within a day, but, most importantly, these changes will leave your room feeling fresh and refined. As Vogue describes, our homes are a reflection of us, and since we are always in constant change, so should our home's décor and designs. Here are a few ideas that will help you get started.

1. Change the living room layout

Switching up your living room's layout might be all you need to transform this space. Instead of buying new furniture, consider repositioning the layout to create more space if the area appears cluttered. Also, if there is some space left, bring in a dining table and a few chairs to make the room more functional.

2. Bring in the bloom

Incorporating greenery in any room makes the space feel inviting and put together. Depending on the amount of area available, you have the option of bringing in a large plant or several small pot plants, as shown above. Create your own indoor greenery station by squeezing in several plants on an elegant cabinet.

3. Accent wallpaper

If painting a wall in your room is too much hassle for you, consider installing accent wallpaper with striking geometrical shapes. You don't need to cover the entire room with it; pick one side of the wall that you want to draw attention to. It is a fast and easy way of transforming any area of your home.

4. Color coordination

Nothing brings more drama to any living space than having a single color reused on different items. Match the colors of the curtains, floor rug, and throw pillows to completely transform your living room's appearance. Bold, bright colors particularly look great in an area with a predominantly white painting.

5. Books for décor

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that books are not only for reading but also serve as nice accessories to a space when used correctly. Install a shelf in a room and arrange your books nicely to create the much-needed details for an otherwise plain and dull wall.

6. New covers for your throw pillows

Throw pillows are among the most versatile home accessories that immediately improve the aesthetic appeal of a room. Since getting new pillows can be quite expensive, consider adding new covers to the existing ones. This cheap and quick upgrade will leave any room looking fresh.

7. Introduce a statement light

Statement lamps bring more to a space other than just adding light. A statement light can be used as a design element that brings some style to a room. This approach is especially helpful if you want to spruce up and add some flair to your reading nook or comfy chair with a small coffee table.

8. Gallery wall

Changing the wall paint might not be possible for everyone; nonetheless, there is so much you can do with the blank wall in a room. Pick one side of a wall and fill it with plenty of family photos and other prints. Get creative and use that wall in your home to tell your family story.

9. Reposition your curtains

Curtains have a way of making shorter rooms appear longer. You can easily achieve this by moving the curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. While you are doing this, be sure that your drapes are long enough to reach the floor or at least cover the whole window.

10. Throw down a rug

As a simple decorative element, rugs are a work of art. Regardless of the design, whether colorful, boho-inspired, or traditional, a rug on the floor not only increases the aesthetic appeal of a room but also makes it welcoming.

11. Reupholster furniture

Breathing life into an old uninspiring space might be as easy as putting new covers on your furniture. By recovering your furnishings, you will rejuvenate old accents that will tie up the pieces in the room together. What's more, you have the freedom of choice as far as the fabric and colors are concerned.

12. Accessorize with abstract art

Abstract art is among the few design elements that are not bound by any rules when it comes to installation. They give you the freedom of expression and also have a way of making a place look urban and chic. Consider art with bright colors, especially on a dull wall.

13. Floral beauty

Everyone loves a beautiful flower; a nice cutting with an equally beautiful vase is enough to bring life into any room. Paired with beautiful wall art that also compliments the color of the vase brings harmony and balance. Such a setup is bound to catch the attention of anyone entering the space.

14. Experiment with different colored bulbs

For a different ambiance and vibe, ditch your regular bulbs for brighter and more colorful alternatives. If you are a fan of neon lights, bulbs with different colors have a similar effect on a room. Go ahead and install one or two on a wall that you want to bring some attention to.

15. Add color to the adjacent bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked, although it's the first space we use when waking up. Some colorful styling design goes a long way: The example above features a bright wall with an equally colorful cabinet. The circular mirror creates a center of focus in this beautiful bathroom.

16. Wall art and plants combo

Cozy up a secluded area with art and green plants. A small room with white walls and no electronics can feel quite empty and missing a focal point, but art on white walls adds some style and design detail to the otherwise blank space. A tall pot plant in a corner is also perfect.

17. Carve out a reading nook

Creating a comfy reading nook in a room with plenty of space is one way of sprucing up the appearance of that area. A reading nook needs not to be sophisticated; pull a comfy armchair and DIY a small bookshelf. You can also add extra design elements like a stand-alone lamp.

18. Minimalistic design

You will be surprised how much different and appealing your room will be once you get rid of all the unnecessary clutter and only keep the essentials. Other than maintaining your room tidy, adopting a minimalist approach is also a budget-friendly make-over that you can do in a day.

19. Style a console

A console is just the ideal surface for displaying your antiques. Also, when placed strategically near a wall, you can also complement the adjacent wall with a few pieces of art as well. This particular console with a rustic design boasts unique geometrical shapes that will easily transform any room.

20. Squeeze in a window seat

The idle corner that seems not to fit any furniture is not as useless as you may think; squeeze in a window seat with a comfortable seating pad and a couple of bright throw pillows. Such an upgrade will transform a room and is also small enough to start and finish in a single day.

21. Reorganize your bookshelf

Any room with a bookshelf could use proper reorganization not only to keep it neat but also to transform the appearance of that space. A well-organized open bookshelf is an immediate attention magnet. Stack the larger books on top of one another and those with a few pages in a linear fashion, as demonstrated above.

22. Pile up pillows

Let's face it; you can never have enough throw pillows in your house. This easy home décor idea demonstrates how you can use throw pillows of different colors to completely transform a space. Also, the color coordination between the pillows, wall art, and the coffee table shouldn't be coincidental.

23. Accessorize an alcove

There are plenty of ways of using the alcove in your sitting room to turn the whole space around. It is the perfect display area for your antique collectibles and other classic art for a bold statement. Spatially place your prized ceramic ware as displayed and install a few pieces of art if you have leftover space.

24. Install pendant lights

A beautiful hanging light is one design element that can single-handedly polish off and bring sophistication to a room. Unlike a traditional table lamp that is laid back, a hanging pendant light brings much-needed drama to any space.

25. Cozy bedroom bench

A bench at the foot of the bed is a subtle design element that can easily go unnoticed. Besides providing a nice sitting spot in your bedroom, it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance that immediately transforms the space.