35 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas That Will Help Put Your Mind At Ease

Each room in your home has its own purpose and in turn, its own vibe. While you want the kitchen to stimulate your appetite and home office to stimulate your mind, you'll also want a calm bedroom that encourages the kind of relaxation that you need. After all, according to research done by OnePoll for Slumber Cloud (via the New York Post), when you total up the overall amount of time that an average person in the U.S. spends in bed, it works out to around 36 years!

Of course, Web MD notes that you'll want to make sure that your bedroom is a healthy space — meaning it offers good air quality, comfortable temperature, and is easy to clean, while Becoming Minimalist suggests getting rid of the TV — there are plenty of other ways that you can create a relaxing space.

Check out these fabulous bedroom ideas that will help put your mind at ease.

1. Peaceful plants

If you've ever wandered around an idyllic forest or sat in a gorgeous garden, then you surely know that greenery can have a calming effect. Bring a little of that outdoor vibe inside by placing a few peaceful plants in your bedroom.

2. Calming art

Bright and exciting paintings and sculptures are a great choice for other areas in your home. However, when it comes to your bedroom, you may want to opt for art that's calming and that features simple shades and subject matter to maximize relaxation.

3. Maximize minimalism

Keeping things simple and straightforward will do more than just help you keep your bedroom organized and tidy. Aiming for minimalism when it comes to everything from furniture to knickknacks (or the lack of them) can make your space seem supremely serene.

4. Simple wall shades

Painting your bedroom red might not be the best idea if you're looking to create a relaxing haven. Instead, House Beautiful notes that colors like sage grey, blush pink, sky blue, and pale yellow are better options for your walls when it comes to that peaceful purpose.

5. Calming pops of color

Using peaceful shades in your bedroom doesn't mean that you have to give up lively accents. Simply stick with calming colors for both your paint and your décor. For instance, try rose or tan-colored walls with ocean blue curtains.

6. Real or faux fireplace

Turn up the heat and the coziness in your bedroom with a fireplace. If you don't already have one and aren't into the idea of installing one, you can simply buy a somewhat faux fireplace that you can hang on your wall or place in the corner and easily plug in.

7. Lots of blankets

Having a cozy blanket in your bedroom can do much more than keep you warm while you sleep. Place plenty of comfortable-looking (and feeling) blankets around the space to make your room seem like a place where you just can't resist a snuggle.

8. Plenty of pillows

You can place pillows on chairs, lounges, and your bed to add a stylish touch. However, they also make it almost impossible to resist embracing the cozier options when you're in the mood to relax or want to fall back onto a pile of fluffy pillows.

9. Cozy rug

Make getting out of bed just as cozy as being in bed by adding a rug (or two) to your room. While you could opt for something with a touch of softness, in this case, you might also want to go all out with something shag.

10. Warm lighting

There's no doubt that lighting can affect your mood. While bright white lights can be great in the living room to keep you awake and feeling good, if you want your bedroom to have a relaxing vibe, then you'll want to go for softer, warmer lighting.

11. Natural light

To keep your bedroom feeling welcoming while you're awake, do what you can to put the natural light that comes into your space to the best use. You can do that by leaving your curtains open, opting for sheer shades, or adding extra mirrors to help reflect the light.

12. Multiple places to lounge

Jumping into bed and falling right to sleep isn't always the easiest thing to do. Give yourself a little more time and space to relax in your bedroom by adding extra places to get off your feet and kick back. Consider a comfy over-sized chair or cozy chaise lounge.

13. Take advantage of views

From the city to suburbs, it's best to take advantage of whatever views your home offers. In your bedroom, arranging furniture around windows and choosing curtains or shades that allow you to pull them fully back when you want to see outside will help you relax whether you're looking at the water, mountains, or your backyard.

14. Tapestry

Even your walls can be calm and cozy! Add a hint of creativity and a little warmth to your bedroom with a hanging tapestry.

15. Fine fabrics

Add a touch of luscious luxury and regal relaxation to your bedroom with fine fabrics like silk sheets. Not only will they look amazing on your bed and give you another way to match the overall décor, but you'll also sleep soundly on the super-softness.

16. Fuzzy headboard

Headboards for your bed can come in all shapes and sizes while being made of various materials like wood and metal. But if you want an ultimately relaxing vibe in your bedroom, then consider opting for a fuzzy headboard that will feel as good as your pillows and blanket.

17. Natural materials

Ease into an earthy vibe. You won't be able to resist relaxing in a bedroom that's filled with natural materials like woody furniture.

18. Make bedtime stories part of the décor

Children and adults alike lure themselves into a restful, sleepy state with bedtime stories. Make that easy for yourself to do by making a few favorite books a part of your bedroom décor.

19. Create a spa-like oasis

Take inspiration from your favorite spa. Create an open and airy space that offers you your own restful oasis.

20. Hang a hammock

Hammocks aren't just for your backyard or patio. Hang one up in your bedroom to give yourself a spot to sit back and even gently swing (if your ceiling is strong enough).

21. Make elements match

Create calm in your bedroom by avoiding décor that clashes. Instead, take care to make sure that the elements in your space match so that they're pleasing to the eye and in turn, calming.

22. Give your desk its own space

Working or studying in your bedroom isn't always ideal but not everyone has an office or wants to set their laptop up on the dining room table. If you have a desk in your bedroom, keep the space as relaxing as possible by giving it its own area, away from your bed if possible.

23. Chic organization

It can be hard to relax in the middle of a mess. Keep yourself chill and your bedroom clean by opting for organization options that are both chic and functional.

24. Japanese design simplicity

Japanese design often perfects functional simplicity, as National Drapery points out. Use the same clean and uncluttered aim to create a relaxing bedroom for yourself.

25. A Scandinavian touch

Scandinavian design is also known for being on the clean and minimalist side, per Scandinavia Standard. That's why it can bring a look to your bedroom that's both stylish and calming.

26. Beachiness

Why leave the relaxed vibe that you have on vacation by the water? Stay just as chill in your own bedroom with décor that reminds you of a beach house.

27. Eco-friendly relaxation

Rest easy and relax well knowing that your décor choices are good for both your inner peace and the environment. Simply seek out companies that use ethical practices and sustainable materials like bamboo.

28. Spread out on a king-sized bed

Whether you sleep by yourself or co-sleep with your partner and kids, what's more comfortable than a king-sized bed? With enough space for you (and anyone who's snoozing next to you), incorporating a big bed into your bedroom's design can help you relax knowing that you'll always get an enviable amount of rest.

29. Dreamy wallpaper

Bring some wonder into your bedroom with wallpaper. However, let it add to the relaxing vibe by choosing something that's calming (perhaps thanks to soft colors) and dreamy (maybe because of sweet designs).

30. Embrace the dark

Bright rooms with a lot of light can put you in a great mood, but when you want to deeply chill and even sleep, a dark room can be ideal. When it comes to attaining a bedroom where you can enjoy a good rest, then don't be afraid to embrace dark walls or fabrics.

31. Calming candles

Candles can be good for more than birthday cakes and romantic dinners. Add a few to your bedroom — in safe spots, of course — and use them when you want to relax, meditate, or read.

32. Simple lines and shapes

Keeping dirty laundry off of your floor is definitely a way to keep your room feeling clean and make it a relaxing place, but it's not the only way. Stick with furniture and décor that uses straightforward lines and geometric shapes to keep things feeling nice and simple.

33. Tuck your bed into a nook

Not everyone is into wide open spaces. If you prefer cozy comfort, then try moving your bed into a nook in order to create a peaceful place to relax.

34. Supremely soft

Having a cozy blanket or fuzzy headboard will certainly make your bedroom a relaxing place as will fluffy pillows. But why not put them all together and add in a comforting carpet and even a textured wall that looks like it would be soft to the touch?

35. Make sure you have privacy

Windows are great to have in your bedroom, but they can create a problem if they let others see right into your personal space. Put yourself at ease by making sure that your windows have the proper coverings and that you're able to get the privacy that you need in order to fully relax.